Breathtaking Outdoor Pieces.
Made in Italy. Since 1964

Paola Lenti is the founder of a design firm specializing in outdoor furniture and rugs with emphasis on
innovative natural and synthetic materials. Lenti uses high quality contemporary, technologically-advanced
to create unique pieces (and rugs) for casual contemporary elegant living. Each collection features
exclusive materials and colors developed by Lenti for her collection.

Each item is handmade using an exclusive, patented rope wrought from special weaving techniques, whose colors and durability are proof that fun is capable of high quality.

Designers :

Francesco Maria Andrenelli
Todd Bracher
Giusepe Casarosa
Massimo Castagna
Vencenzo de Cotiis
Studio Drift
Andre Dubreuil
Noe Duchaufour Lawrence
Jaime Hayon
Roberto Lazzeroni
Luca Martorano+Mattia Albicini
Fabrizia Scassellati
Christophe Pillet