Free your personality.
Made in Denmark. Since 1982.

What can 36 modules with 4 depts and 42 colors do? They give you the freedom to create and
express your personality. The Montana system is designed by founder Peter Lassen. The CEO of the company is the son
of Peter Lassen, Joakim Lassen. Montana?s flexible, modular system features an inspiring
colour palette and is manufactured at Montana?s own factory in Denmark. The system offers
infinite opportunities and freedom to curate spaces in the ultimate personal way. Montana
also offers table- and chair series.

With Montana modules in different sizes and colours, you can build up in height and width, free-standing, up against a wall or all of it at once. You choose your own style.

Designers :

Arne Jacobsen
Verner Panton
Stefan Wewerka
Peter Lassen
Joakim Lassen
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Design
Salto & Sigsgaard
Jakob Wagner.