Lighting and furniture editors from Barcelona.
Made in Spain

The lighting company started their focus on industrial design and later sought out modern light fixtures that provided more than mass or function. They choose pieces that instilled a sense of serenity, culture and well-being. Santa and Cole is like a net that captures good lighting design. Because of their discriminating taste, the line itself is varied and offers many different styles for many different uses. The looks are a bit quirky and each one is distinct in its own right.

Affordable, durable and memorable objects, that fill the everyday with beauty and function at home and in common spaces.

Designers :

Maria Luisa Aguado, Claudi Aguilo
German Rodriguez Arias, Antoni Arola Ferrer
Alfredo Arribas, Jaume Artigues, Enric Batlle
Guillermo Bertolez, Ramon Bigas
Diana Cabeza, Manel Castellnou
Federico Correa, Antonio de Marco
Antoni de Moragas, Ignasi de Sola Morales
Julia Espinas, Causas Externas
Javier Ferrandiz, Ferran Freixa, Beth Gali, Ignazio Gardella
Joan Gaspar, Oriol Guimera, Ted Hauri, Jordi Heinrich
Robert Heritage, Arne Jacobsen
Josep Maria Julia, David Karasek, Lagranja
Patxi Mangado, Jose Antonio Martinez
Lapena Nina Maso, Alfonso Mila, Gonzalo Mila
Miguel Mila, Jordi Miralbell, Antonio Montes
Xavier Nogues, Gabriel Ordeig, Cole Jorge Pensi
Montse Periel, Carme Pinos, Lluis Porqueras
Benedito Ramon, Mariona Raventos
Raw Color, RCR arquitectes, Carlos Riart
Joan Roig, Juan Roig, Miquel Roig i Roch
Santiago Roqueta, Antoni Rosello Roviras & Torrente
Jaume Sans, Ferran Sesplugues, Ilmari